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OPERation Rossini

Donnerstag, 28. April 2005 um 19:00

The Project "OPERation Rossini" is a joint venture between "Technical University of Ilmenau" & "Neues Musiktheater Weimar".

Singers from 4 nations act together with students and two professors. Four Students of TU Ilmenau are working on Light & Videoinstallations as stage-scenery.

reply2all helped out with hardware and knowledge transfer in several workshops. I stayed in background while rehearsal and premiere in case something goes wrong. But there was no need to worry...

more informationens: http://www.nmtw.de


cast of characters:

orchestra: Neues Musiktheater Weimar - conducted by Juri Lebedev

one of our Professors played phantastique as well...