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Light Impressions Get Humans Together

20. - 29. 05. 2005

what is it all about? in fast words: in Ilmenau every two years one of the largest international studentmeetings worldwide takes place. Lot's of lectures and workshops will be offered there and of course lot's of parties :)

reply2all organised a Project called "Light" - Light Impressions Get Humans Together - wich plans to organise workshops and competitions in interaktive video-installations, collaberative filming, stop-motion-animations and VJ'ing. There is already a concept-paper about it, but this wiki should contain the up-to-date informations. check it out here: - Projectdescription LIGHT v1.0 (en) PDF 563kb - Projektbeschreibung LIGHT v1.1 (de) PDF 574kb - Note: This are the original project-ideas. They should give you an idea about the backgrounds of the project. Some details have devloped in different directions since then. For example the tent now becomes an old industiral heritage building.

for more information about the whole iswi studentmeeting please check http://iswi.org

The basic idea (slightly modificated from concept paper) is to transform an old glassworks industrial building called "FischerHuette" into an multimedial lounge & meeting place where young people can get to know each other in an artistik medium. It also will be a reflection of iswi-week due Video materials will be used for (interaktive) Video Installations.

National and International VJ artists will give lectures and Workshops for an art-of-video-group of iswi participants and other interested students. The Knowledge-flow from group will add with video-content of iswi week and will end up in an big media-art-night.